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Carlog - Carlos Project Application

This Angular Login Web Application includes Lazy Loading, Guards, Responsive Design, Interfaces, Generic Types, and Authentication and Security Systems. The app needs to connect to an API called Reqres, in order to obtain users data. For more information, visit the project repository.

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Real Estate Application

Designed with POO paradigm, the Real Estate Application uses MySQL as Data Base Manager System. It allows to login and register with different roles, so that only authorized users have access to a specific content. Administrator users can manage the content of the page using CRUD operations.

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Appointment Booking for a Hair Salon

This professional app allows to register as a administrator or as a client, in order to manage the system or directly booking hair services. It is strongly protected thanks to NodeJS backend controllers that help manage the security of the system against external attacks or SQL injections.

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Landing Page

Website to promote and attract clients for the business and appointment management application. It is an application that seeks to transmit dynamism, avant-garde and attractive effects.

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Product Manager Application

Fullstack application where we create a server, a REST API and the frontend part, all communicated with the help of tools like Express and Sequelize that speed up the development in the backend.

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Music Festival Application

In this Web Site we can visualize the program of a Music Festival, concert schedules and several photos of the musicians. It's designed with JavaScript especially for manage and minimize the photos and other web site effects.

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Real Time Aircraft Control Simulator

The objective of the project was focused on improving the flight dynamics of the aircraft and displaying its real-time situation on the screen, as well as creating various functionalities to better modify and visualize the flight traces.

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